Thursday, 17 January 2013

Fuel energy breakfast

We were sent 2 boxes of Fuel Energy breakfast to try last year, but a combination of being on a strict diet and not going walking meant that these were left in the camping supplies box until yesterday.

We tried the chocolate variety. The boxes are very striking with macho images of extreme sports and text talking about being energised to have the focus to achieve lots of cool things. 

The blurb also says that the cereal is vitamin infused and contains guarana to boost energy.

The 400g box contains 8 x 50g portions, however when I weighed this out it equated to a small handful of cereal. I poured out what I thought was a portion, which came to 150g when I weighed it.

The cereal was really tasty and contained lovely big chunks of chocolate, granola, seeds and other crunchy bits. The 150g portion did make me feel full and sustained me for an active 6 hours of driving and walking until it was time for lunch. 

From a nutrition point of view, this bowl not counting the milk contained nearly 700 calories and over 25g of fat. So unless you are very active this it a lot of calories (mostly from sugar) to take on board. There are more nutritionally sound things you can do with this many calories, and eating some fruit will also supply sugar and vitamins, without the fat content. 

So in summary, a tasty treat but too calorific (and expensive if like me you eat 1/3 a box at a time) to be an every day breakfast. 

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