Sunday, 15 April 2012

Look What We Found Review

We were sent a few samples from the new 'Look What We Found' range of ready meals to review as camping food.

These are the selling points:

All natural ingredients- we checked the ingredients list and yes the ingredients list read like a recipe rather than a scary list of E numbers and preservatives.

Supporting British farmers- LWWF claim that they source all of their produce from the UK. Excellent.

Long shelf life- LWWF foods are pressure cooked from raw inside the packets meaning that all meals have a shelf life of a year and can be stored at ambient temperature. Very convenient and the packets feel very sturdy, I don't think you would have to worry about these bursting in your bag.

What we thought:

There is a good range of traditional meals available. The packets just tore open and we squeezed them in to a pan. The packets were light weight and folded up to nothing when empty. We found that the meals heated up very quickly which was good for fuel consumption and tasted absolutely delicious! The chicken tikka was not hot but had a rich delicate flavour and the stews really tasted like home made. The meat was melt in the mouth. The claim that all the flavours are retained in the packet is really true.

Now the criticisms.

Weight: This food is 'wet food', fine if you are in the car and going back to camp each night but a waste of weight if you are taking everything with you.

Calories: This food is not very calorie dense, even the tikka with the creamy sauce only came in at 335 calories per packet. This is fine if you are sitting reading/ fishing or going for tours of the Keswick Pencil museum, but after a long hill walk we virtually inhaled the lamb and mutton stews (238 and 216 calories in those). We padded the venison meal out with pasta and that worked quite well for a meal for two but diluted the flavour considerably.

Price: These meals are priced at between £2 and £3 per packet. They are far superior to canned food in packet weight, convenience and flavour but you pay for that superiority. Also I could have easily eaten two packs of the mutton stew and still been hungry. For the £6 that would cost you may as well go down the road to the pub and get a meal there.

Our conclusion- the food was truly fantastic and tasted like home made. We found them very convenient and fuel efficient to store and reheat. The only thing that would put us off in the future would be having to buy 2 each to fill us up!

Great for those with small appetites or big pockets. For everyone else maybe have these as a treat to break up the monotony of cans of beans and sausages!

Look What We Found Website.


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